The Black Country Beatles
The Robin 2, Bilston

  • 20 - 28 Mount Pleasant, Bilston, Wolverhampton, WV14 7LJ

Venue Overview

The Robin 2, Bilston is the Midlands' premier 700 capacity live concert venue. Over the years many world famous musicians and bands have played The Robin as it is an absolutely fantastic live music venue with a unique atmosphere you simply won't find anywhere else. The Black Country Beatles first played here in Summer 2017 as part of a live music event, but plan to have many more of their own gigs here in the years to come, with another gig planned for Summer 2018.

The Robin 2, Bilston features a large, fairly long room with a large permanent stage at the front. The room comes equipped with 2 bars, seating and a standing / dance area as well as a whole array of lights which make the performances here truly come alive. Being a proper live music venue, The Robin 2 has a lively and exciting atmosphere that is truly unmatched, making it one of the best locations to see The Black Country Beatles live.

Venue Features

This venue is a personal favourite of The Black Country Beatles. They have performed here several times already and have another gig lined up here for summer this year. For a complete list of Black Country Beatles gigs here, scroll down to the bottom of the page.

The Black Country Beatles doing a soundcheck at The Robin
  • Electric Gigs - The Black Country Beatles are able to use their full range of equipment here
  • Great Atmosphere - The sound and atmosphere here are truly unmatched, making this possibly one of the best places to see The Black Country Beatles live.
  • Good Large Room & Stage - The Robin 2 is a proper live music venue and is the Midlands' premier 700 capacity live concert venue. The room here is nice and big and the permanent stage is just perfect for live bands.
  • Limited Parking - Located in the centre of Bilston, parking is at high demand, but there are plenty of car parks dotted around off nearby side streets, although they do tend to fill up quite quickly when popular bands play so it is always best to park as early as possible.
  • Limited Seating - Please note that as a live music venue, The Robin 2 is mostly standing and often gets very busy when live bands perform. If you wish to sit down it is best to grab a seat early.

Upcoming Gigs Here:



Gig - The Robin 2 - Bilston, Wolverhampton - Sat 3rd August

Join The Black Country Beatles headlining at Banks's The Robin 2, Bilston, where they will be performing their entire 2hr set featuring an entire range of your classic Beatles' favourites.

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